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Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm Naming The Kittenz!

Kenny K has an upcoming release of these sexy Krash Kittenz girls, and they need names!

I just couldn't let the poor girls go without names, so I decided to help Kenny out with name suggestions.

Here are the names I chose for the girls:

A. Pitstop Polly
B. Bootyful Brandie
C. Racin' Rhonda
D. Giddyup Gidget
E. Start My Engine
F. Legalicious
G. Quickdraw Kelly
H. Bikin' Betty
I. Softail Sally
J. Highway Hottie
K. Bust E. Chaps

I'm entering this in the Name the Krash Kittens Contest at Bearly Mine Crafts blog.

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