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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Zombie! Don't Look If You're Easily Creeped Out Or Offended!

I have another zombie to show you. This is the other we just finished.

She's what you call a fresh zombie, and was, uhm.. a lady of the night. This one was made by altering a barbie doll. One of her hands has been mutilated and gnawed off in a recent zombie invasion. (This was done by removing part of her arm and then molding her a new "stump" out of clay and then adding gnaw marks). My husband also crafted her new breasts out of clay, to make them larger.) She has a metal spoon sticking out of one eye. If you look closely, you can see the hole in her shirt and the trauma from one breast being chewed off. She also has holes chewed in her pants and light trauma noticeable there. Her other arm/hand was made to look like it is starting to decay, by adding discoloration.

*My apologies to anyone who is creeped out by these pieces of art. It is NOT meant to offend anyone. Just an attempt at sharing our zombie creation.*

I am entering this zombie in the following challenges:

HDH087 Freaker's Free For All at Haunted Design House

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