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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hey Horror Movie Fans, It's a Zombie Invasion! Creepy!

Okay, so here is something completely new to show you. Time to bring out my creepiness!

My husband is a huge fan of zombie films, zombie books and just zombies in general. We decided to alter some action figures and barbies into zombies so he can start a collection. We finished two this weekend, so I thought I would show them off.

These are a team project. He does any sculpting or molding alterations and I do the altering of the clothes and painting. Unfortunately, I cannot sew well, so we have to purchase the clothes and alter them by cutting, adding paint, weathering, burning, etc.

This is what you'd call a fresh zombie. We altered this 1:6 action figure to have the inside of its abdomen gouged out.His mouth has been altered and his eye gouged out. If you look closely, you can see his eyeball sliding down his face. He has a knife sticking out of one arm. Since he's a surgeon that fell victim to recent zombie attacks, he is dressed in scrubs and is holding the face of his first victim.

We are thinking of possibly trying to sell these on a popular auction site.

*My apologies to anyone who is creeped out by these pieces of art. It is NOT meant to offend anyone. Just an attempt at sharing our zombie creation.*

What do you think?!

I am entering this zombie surgeon in the following challenges:

HDH087 Freaker's Free For All at Haunted Design House


  1. I think it is brilliant and will defo sell. Great work and thanks for sharing it with all of us at Haunted Design House this week. Can't wait to see more of your creations. x

  2. Ummm, AWESOME! I LOVE this altered toy! Great work!
    I too, am a lover of the undead and am terribly inspired by this piece.
    Just a tip: a toothbrush with red paint on it makes great blood splatter.
    Thanks for joining us at HDH!

  3. Oh I LOVE both of your zombie creations, just absolutely fabulous work! That face in his hands, and hooker Barbie, lol, I'm so pleased you've decided to share your darkside projects with us at HDH this week :D